The big move and all the things that follow…

May 25 – 31, 2011

We spent our last night in our SF apartment yesterday. Today was the big move. We highly recommend these movers. Very professional, very quick, reasonably priced (accurate estimate too), and barely any damage to our items (only some slight cracks in our particle board IKEA furniture).

Simon went to his SF daycare so after we moved and unpacked essentials (like Simon’s room), we went back to pick him up and had some time to visit newborn baby Caden. Welcome to the world Baby Caden!

We stopped by Ikea on the way home to have dinner and walk around. Did you know Ikea has family parking? I didn’t know and last time I remember having to push the shopping cart a long distance to my car in the parking lot… this spaces are a lot closer and in the same area as the disabled parking. It makes it easier when you kid is screaming and ready to go home.

Simon had fun at dinner… learning “upside down”.

Simon’s first night in his new room.

Second night, sleeping with his pal Ziggy.

Simon is refreshed after a good night’s sleep – mommy is still tired.

Simon’s spacious new room. Needs some decoration but plenty of space for him and his stuff.

There’s an IHOP in Walnut Creek.. yay for me! Simon munching on breakfast and showing us his bruise on his temple. He threw a tantrum yesterday and sat down to protest but when he sat down, he lost his balance and hit his head on one of the kitchen cabinets.

Simon enjoying breakfast in the kitchen… among the boxes that need unpacking.

Since we were in SF to do a final cleanup at our apartment, we went first to have lunch at Yellow Sub. Simon enjoyed some fries with ketchup.

Daddy had a meeting so Simon and I went to Yerba Buena to play at the park. I picked up these water/sand toys for Simon so that he could try out the sand park at Yerba Buena.

Some kids kept on trying to steal Simon’s toys – where were their parents?!? – but some played nicely with Simon.

Simon had a good time playing in the sand and water. He got soaking wet but I brought him a change of clothes so he was good to go. We stopped by our apartment to do some last minute cleaning and packed up the car… but we still have more stuff that won’t fit so will go back one more time.

We had our parents over for an afternoon BBQ. Simon had his own slice of watermelon.

He dove right in!

Since I had to go to work, Ron and Simon came out with me. Ron went to finish up cleaning and return the keys and Simon went to his last day at his daycare. They were great and I’m sure Simon will miss his favorite auntie.

Our kitchen is still a mess so we decided to go out for dinner at Fuddruckers. Simon wasn’t interested in the food, he is more interested in the cup lid and figured out he could poke his finger through the straw opening.

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