Happy Hump Day

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Got a little behind in picture posting so here’s an update.

Saturday, November 16:

Ready to try some new food. Before:

*NOM* *NOM* Sweet potato.



In the afternoon, we went to Coyote Point in San Mateo to celebrate C&T’s birthday. They had good food and fun games. Simon’s favorite were these bouncy balls.

Plus he had fun with the piñata.

Iris just enjoyed some time on the picnic blanket and watching the sky and swaying tree branches.

Later, Iris had a lovely photo shoot with Auntie Betty.

We went out to dinner in Burlingame at a Turkish restaurant called Istanbul Turkish cuisine. Delicious kebabs. Simon liked all the different meats which was surprising because he dislikes trying new things. He even liked the baby lamb chop!


Sunday, November 17:

We had a lazy morning at home before meeting our friend visiting from Japan. Iris enjoyed eating a book before breakfast.

We went to Cinnaholic and Purple Kow on the west side of Berkeley. Iris was really interested in my drink. Caramel black tea with boba and pudding with 50% sugar.

Simon wasn’t so interested in his drink. One of the iced milk drinks. He had just eaten a Ben & Jerry’s chocolate fudge ice cream cone so was full and played with his party hat from yesterday’s party.


Monday, November 18:

I’ve been having a hard time keeping Iris in her own bed all night. She’s been waking often to nurse. Maybe her bed is too small. She stretches out like this and moves around a lot.

Hanging out at home with the kids.



Tuesday, November 19:

Sprawled out again in bed.

Ready to try some avocado! Can you see her teeth on the bottom?

She liked it a little. It seems like she prefers texture to smash the food herself. So instead of making it into a purée, I just scraped off small bits for her to eat and she ate more this way and was less messy.

Simon’s lunch today were mini hot dogs over rice with carrots, strawberries, and apples.

I used the little hot dog cutters to make penguins and crabs. I over cooked them a little…

Today was the first real rain and it was cold so I treated myself to a hot grass jelly drink with red bean and lychee jelly. Yum!

Iris got a new delivery of toys today and was so excited when we pulled them out of the box. You could see her eyes light up. These simple rings were her favorite. She gnawed on them and swung them around.

Picture with Simon before bedtime.


Wednesday, November 20:

Simon’s lunch today of ham and cheese quesadilla, carrot and apple “fries”, Asian pear, and grapes.

Iris is able to sit up by herself now but can still tip over when she can’t correct her imbalance. It’s amazing how much stronger she can get in only a few days time. It’ll be interesting when she can start crawling using her arms. Right now she can move forward by pushing her legs only but her arms get caught underneath her body. She’ll get there soon, I just know it!

Simon making a silly face!

All caught up!

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