Food Republic at Wisma Atria

So I found out from Joyce that someone actually reads my blogs for food recommendations (Hi Nancy!)… I’m glad to hear that my blog is not only useful to update my friends and family but also a place to look for good eats 😛 Now my blog has more meaning… yay!

This morning I was at work helping out with “stocktake”. At our pharmacy here, they perform inventory every few months. They spend a few weeks preparing for it and then spend a weekend counting all the drugs and supplies in each of the pharmacies and matching it up with the computerized inventory system. It’s a bit tedious but with everyone working together, it’s not so bad. Until there is a discrepancy then you have to figure out what went wrong, like where did those missing drugs go? or why is there excess? I was let out around 2pm and went home to rest but they stayed until almost 5pm to do some detective work.

Since I was at work all day, I really needed to go out somewhere and Joyce had a free day so wanted to go see a movie. Ron, Joyce, and I ended up watching “An Empress and the Warriors”. It was a bit corny but also depressing. I like the song in the movie though.

Afterwards we went in search of dinner and Alex joined us. We ended up shopping a bit and ate at the Food Republic at Wisma Atria. Again another high priced hawker center except inside.

Prawn Noodle:

It’s cool how they cook it in a HUGE wok but also a bit scary. It was SGD$4 for a small portion.

Char Kuay Teow:

Also SGD$4 for small portion. This was really greasy and a bit messy to eat. Once it gets cold, it’s not good.

You can’t beat chicken wings:

Beef noodle with smoked egg:

Green onion pancake:

It was really crispy and oily… but yummy.

Prata with cheese and egg:

Like any other prata.

Orchard really doesn’t have that many good places to eat unless you want to spend a lot of money. All the food courts are getting pretty old for me…

We went to Swensen’s afterwards but the service was not very good tonight, Ron and I didn’t even get our dessert and we left. Joyce and Alex ordered ice cream desserts and we ordered a hot crumble. They served the ice cream right away but the crumble took more than 10 or 15 minutes. By that time, Joyce and Alex were already done and our dessert hadn’t even come out yet so we canceled it but the server kept on insisting it was coming. But we’d lost our “taste” for the dessert and just didn’t want it. He was going to give it to us on the house but we refused. Annoying, even after we canceled it, they still tried to bring it to our table.

To cheer me, we went to Canele at Paragon to buy some macaroons for myself and to share with Siew Woon tomorrow… Yum!

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