Yoshoku Kitchen at Serene Centre

Today was a hot and humid Saturday… I don’t like Singapore when it’s like it. It’s hard to breathe because of the heat and humidity… only the air-con malls can save you…

Okay a bit melodramatic but I really do hate being outside when you know it’s going to rain any moment and you just want it to rain to get it over with so that it will be cool again.

Today we spent the afternoon exploring the malls on Orchard Rd that we’ve never been to, namely Tanglin Mall, Tanglin Shopping Center, and Far East Plaza. There wasn’t that much to see but we did pass by a hotel with a cute statue:

We met up with Joyce for dinner at Yoshoku Kitchen at Serene Center. There’s also a pizza place there called Oishi! which is where I originally wanted to go but the reviews online were pretty bad… but I think we’ll try delivery some day, their pizzas sound very interesting. But I picked Yoshoku Kitchen because they serve green tea chocolate fondue.

We had the salmon salad roll for an appetizer.

If you like sauce, then this isn’t the roll for you. It only has some sort of mayo inside but was pretty light so a good snack.

Ron and I had the garlic beef with potatoes (Joyce doesn’t eat beef) which was okay. The meat didn’t have much flavor but the sauce on the potatoes was pretty good. If you just like beef then I think it’s a good value.

The scallops with cheese cod roe sauce was very yummy but you really gotta like cheese. I think it would taste really good on a baguette.

We also had the seafood pasta which you could probably make at home. Not that it wasn’t good but wasn’t spectacular. The sauce was really creamy.

The cream sauce was very similar on the fish with mango except with less herbs. The fried fish is served on a piece of toasted bread.

We tried the green tea chocolate fondue, it was served with bananas, strawberries, green apples, grapes, chocolate wafers, and marshmallows.

It was a bit too sweet though. They use white chocolate which is a bit overwhelming in flavor over the green tea. To make us all happier, we ordered the dark chocolate fondue was well. It was only SGD$8! Really good value for the money…

We enjoyed our dessert… Joyce and I really enjoyed it… hehehe…

At least I have a nice full tummy so I can sleep well and be ready to go to work tomorrow for stocktake.

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