Old Town Cafe

Day 208

We went to visit my parents and have lunch together at Old Town Cafe in Dublin for some Singaporean food. Simon had a little nap in the car, he’s giving me the finger…

We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the Singaporean food. Delicious and almost like the real deal. This is tahu goreng (fried tofu with peanut sauce and cucumbers with added jicama which was yummy).

This is roti prata with accompanying curry sauce. Fresh and piping hot!

Hainanese chicken with rice. The chicken was really tender and the hot sauce was oh so good.

Beef rendang. The meat was very tender and the sauce yummy, very thick and creamy.

Sambal kang kong. Almost like the way we remember it, just not as spicy.

I forgot to take a picture of the laksa noodles before we dug into it. The noodles were a bit soft and we told one of the staff and he said he would be sure to check on it since he says it is supposed to be more al dente. Next time I’ll ask them for more spice since it wasn’t hot enough for me.

Simon and Grandpa Tam outside of the restaurant. Check out those smiles!

Simon had his first taste of fresh watermelon. He was really getting into it and using his lower teeth to try to bite off a piece. I was afraid he was going to choke on it though so didn’t let him eat too much. If you click on the photo, It should bring you to the video.

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