I Love Apples!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hello Kitty loves apples.

And so does Iris! Yum yum!

Fresh “shaved” applesauce.

Today we used our microplane zester to shave the apple. No need to cook to make it soft or purée it. After her first spoonful of applesauce, she grabbed Annie’s hand to keep the spoon in her mouth. At dinner, I experienced first hand how much she loves apples when she would eagerly open her mouth when she saw the spoonful coming and excitedly suck on the spoon to get every last bit. I’m glad she has at least one favorite food for now. Let’s hope she has more!

Serious Simon. Like father like son, hardly cold, wearing tank top and shorts on the rainy wet day. It’s not super cold but windy so there’s no way Simon would go outside like this.

Simon’s lunch: pizza rolls, Asian pear, carrots, broccoli, banana chips, dried cranberries, Ritz crackers, and mini Oreos.


Iris practicing crawling. I’m happy she’s never been one to complain about bring on her tummy. She happily rolls from front to back and back to front. She still tips over but at least lands on soft carpet.


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