Rule #1 and 611 Tau Sar Piah

So I worked this morning until about 1:00pm then stuck around the office taking care of some emails before meeting up with Joyce to see a scary movie. She suggested we see this movie together but I only agreed if it was to be during the daytime… I think I’d have a hard time sleeping if it was late at night.

The movie is called “Rule #1” and I have to say, the concept of the movie is quite frightening. I guess Joyce says the reviews were not good and I did not like the ending but I think it’s worth watching. It’s probably only good in the theater with all the special effects.

Here’s the trailer… (courtesy of YouTube):

Afterwards, we quickly dropped by the Basement Level 2 food area.. actually we inadvertently ended up there because we took the wrong exit from the theater that led us downstairs versus exiting from the 3rd level where the theater is.

These freshly baked pastries smelled and looked good so I thought I’d try them out. Here’s the guy making the pastries. The place is called “611 Tau Sar Piah“, apparently also known as “Little Red Shop“.

The pastries are nice and flaky on the outside with different fillings: black sesame, green bean, red bean, salty, sweet, etc. The filling is not overpowering and goes well with the flaky crust. Probably a bit on the oily side (which is a must if the crust is so flaky) but 6 for SGD$5 is not bad for a breakfast treat for a few days.

Afterwards we headed out with our friend Alex to his friend’s place near East Coast where they had a BBQ. We had chicken wings, imitation crab, squid, corn, hot dogs, beef stew, grilled pineapple, and we learned how to play a game using dice. Each person has 5 dice in a cup and you shake, shake, shake and you have to guess how many of a certain number is showing, counting everyone’s cup. We had 6 players, 5 dice each. So for instance, I start and I say there are eight of #3, someone can challenge me and open all the cups, so if there are less than eight of #3 then I lose but if there are eight or more of #3 then the person who challenged me loses. If no one challenges, the person sitting next to me has to guess higher.. either something like ten of #3 or eight of #5… dunno if that makes much sense but it can be quite fun.

It’s been a long day though so I’m looking forward to a slow Sunday.

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