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Saturday, January 11, 2014

We visited some of our old college hangouts today and explored some new places as well. First stop, Durant Food Court. School isn’t in session right now so it was pretty empty.

We bought food from nearby IB Hoagies and Simon was super excited about the curly fries while Ron’s trying to figure out how he can wrangle some away from Simon.

I had the bacon and avocado cheese steak with my favorite side, chili cheese fries! When I was in college, sometimes I could just get the chili cheese fries in a cup and have that for a meal. Oh so good. Just like I remember it.

After lunch, we walked to campus to explore. They are rebuilding the student union which is supposed to be completed by 2015. We stopped by Sather Gate for a quick picture.

We stopped by these statues on our way to VLSB. This awesome hat is from Grandpa Tam and I was laughing so hard because Ron and Simon decided to race to these statues and the side flaps of the hat were bouncing up and down as Simon was running. It was so cute and he was so happy to be running down the hill to beat Daddy there. I didn’t have enough time to catch a video but it’s very fresh in my memory and makes me smile just thinking about it again.

Iris and I walked by the redwood trees near VLSB.

While Simon and Ron went to explore Strawberry Creek. Here they are coming back hand-in-hand.

They saw some people sitting on a log so raced to get on this one. Simon got on first and thought this was a front but he turned around to look at Ron facing the other way. Which way is the front?

We walked around a bit more before heading back to our car but stopped at CREAM (Cookies Rule Everything Around Me) on the way back. Simon was super happy with this M&M cookie and vanilla ice cream sandwich.

I got a snickerdoodle cookie with salted caramel ice cream sandwich. It was only $2 (cash, $2.50 if credit) which I think is a pretty good deal. Simon got a half-sandwich that was the perfect amount for him. A whole one would have been way too much.

It was chilly out but the cookies were warm and delicious. You have to eat them pretty fast though since the ice cream isn’t very hard so melts quickly with the warm cookies. They have two tables inside but a perfect bench right outside as well.

The kids had a good nap in the car on the way home and were full of energy in the evening. Simon had fun playing with Iris by hiding underneath her walker.

Her little belly is off the ground these days but she doesn’t completely crawl on all fours (yet!).

A lovely relaxing day. Just what I needed.

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