Golden Deer Vietnamese Restaurant

I was craving some Vietnamese pho for dinner so we went in search of a place on Clement Street. We ended up at Golden Deer Vietnamese Restaurant on Clement near 10th & 11th Avenue. We basically just picked one of the restaurants on Clement and hoped for the best.

There were three other groups inside the restaurant so there was plenty of free seating and there only seemed to be one guy working as the waiter and cook. I was happy to see the pho was under $6. It seems to be getting more and more expensive. The menu underneath the glass of the table said they served bun bo hue (the spicy broth with thick rice noodles and lots of different proteins including pork blood) so I quickly decided to order it instead of pho since it’s one of my favorite dishes.

I was a bit disappointed when it came out though, it smelled good, but the noodles were regular thin rice noodles and there was no pork blood and very little meat. But for what it was, it tasted pretty good and after adding the bean sprouts, it lightened up the saltiness of the broth a bit.

The restaurant opens late though, until 12am Mon thru Thu, and until 2am Fri thru Sun. So although we’ll still be on the search for good authentic Vietnamese pho and bun bo hue, I think this will be a good last minute dinner kind of place.

Golden Deer Vietnamese Restaurant
908 Clement Street (between 10th and 11th Ave)

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