Golden Gate Kennel Club Dog Show

I went with Patsy and her husband to the Golden Gate Kennel Club 103rd Annual Dog Show. They kindly came to pick me up since Ron had a team meeting all day today and took the car. Since everyone knows me as a Hello Kitty lover and that we have three cats, it’s always assumed that I only like cats… but I love all animals and I’d really like to get a dog, when the time is right. I’ve had a dog in the past, he was an Australian Shepard mix named Minky, and I think I wasn’t ready for the responsibility of taking care of a dog. We adopted him from a pet store because his family was moving out of the area and couldn’t take him with them. He was still really young so very hyperactive. He loved to chase the possums and raccoons in our backyard and would howl at night when left alone. I used to sleep with him, actually he used to sleep on top of me in my sleeping bag, so that he would be quiet at night. He was really too strong for any of us to handle as well so he ended up being adopted by my uncle and went to live in Stockton at his automotive shop with some new buddies (they had rottweilers and chows). He passed away at around age 12.

So I took this opportunity to go check out the dogs. Ultimately the dog I would want in our family would be a shelter or rescue dog but I love animals and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to have some cute dogs slobber all over my hands.

The show was $12 and we had a $2 off coupon from Pet Food Express. I definitely think is was worth the $10 to see all those dogs…

We went from smallest to largest. Here is one of the long haired chihuahuas sleeping in a chair, he/she was tiny, maybe 4 or 5 pounds.

A dalmation.

Australian Shepherds.

A shar pei. So wrinkly! This is when wrinkles are cute.

A Tibetan Terrier, sort of like the bearded terrier I saw last weekend.

This was either a Beagle or the Harrier (had the same coloring of a beagle but tall and lean).

I can’t remember what type of dog this is but is very beautiful. I really love snowy white animals.

A very spoiled pooch getting a drink of water.

A poodle being prepped for the show. So poofy!

This long haired daschund was sleeping and every few seconds, the legs would twitch as she was dreaming.

A beautiful husky with one blue eye and one hazel eye.

A boxer who really loves his Pooh!

Another snow white beauty.

A curly haired dog.

My new favorite dog, an Irish Wolfhound. They may look scary when you first look at them but I think they grow on you. The only thing that made me sad was that their life span is about 10 years. The dog I was allowed to pet was so affectionate, as soon as I sat down, she leaned over and showed me her belly to scratch and extended her front leg towards me. Maybe they remind me of a horse and I’ve always wanted to have a horse.

(The pug next to the dog is a plastic bag so doesn’t represent the actual size of the Irish Wolfhound).

Sleepy Irish Wolfhounds.

I could’ve taken her home right then and there.

A Mastiff. Sadly they only live about 10 years. The boys are significantly bigger than the girls.

A Bernese Mountain dog making friends with Patsy.

The only chow-like dog we saw, he was with the Bernese Mountain dogs though.

Dressed up with nowhere to go.

*My* chair… and armrest.

Beautiful red golden retriever.

Marley! Well, at least possibly distant siblings.

Mini Irish Wolfhound? Irish Terrier, cute haircut.

Another snowy white dog. It’s hard to resist that cute face.

An Akita, the dog with the curled tail.

A Newfoundland.

A Great Pyrenees. If I lived in snow country, I’d love to get one of these.

St. Bernards.


A Shibu Inu, this dog won a place in my heart too… just like a little fox.

It was a good day. If you want to see more pictures, check out Patsy’s blog, her pictures are more clear.

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