Good Luck Dim Sum

This morning we had our first dentist appt in a long time, probably 3 years. Our dentist was very kind and thorough. Our friends who are dentists recommended him to us. He was one of their professors and I can understand why he is one of their favorite professors. If you’re looking for a new dentist, I think he is still accepting new patients, his name is Dr. Robert Ho. Unfortunately for me, I have two small cavities and I cracked a back molar and need a crown. I’ll keep you updated on how the further appts go, I have to go back in a week for the cavity fillings and preparation for the crown.

Afterwards, since his office is on 12th Ave near Clement, we had the opportunity to go to one of our favorite cheap take-out dim sum places called Good Luck Dim Sum. We were lucky to find a parking space right in front but unfortunately had to wait in a pretty long and slow line. I kept on having to go in and out to fill the parking meter because it seems like the ladies were being unusually slow this morning. I guess they had big orders to fill though for Chinese New Year because there were pick-up tickets taped on the cupboards, one stating 30 orders of one item, 34 orders of another item, with an additional 4 items on just that one ticket.

We finally go our food and went home to enjoy. We had 3 boxes full of food for $32.

My favorite “ham shui gok” (fried chewy meat dumplings, direct translation is “salty water dumpling” I think), sesame balls, “dan tat” (egg tarts) made with egg yolks and egg whites.

“Ha gow” (shrimp dumplings), “siu mai”, and chive dumplings.

In this box were the two types of “cha siu bao”, steamed and baked, plus “lai wong bao” (egg custard buns), and chinese sausage buns.

We filled ourselves and saved some for my breakfast next week. That satisfied my craving for dim sum, especially my favorite “ham shui gok”!

Good Luck Dim Sum
736 Clement St (between 8th and 9th Ave)

2 thoughts on “Good Luck Dim Sum

  1. Patrick Wong

    My family always just called them ham gok. I guess we never thought they were very watery…

    Good Luck Dim Sum made the Chronical’s Best of the Bay Dim Sum special. Hing Wong (formerly Wing Sing) did not make the list – ha ha.

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