Grabbing with both hands

Day 137

So Simon has been getting into the bad habit of flipping himself over onto his stomach while in bed.  We can hear him thrashing around, kicking, scratching, and whimpering then all of a sudden, he’s quiet.  This is when he has flipped over and face planted into the crib’s pad.  He is usually sucking on his pacifier so there’s no risk of him blocking his airway since his nose is still not completely pressed down… but sometimes he doesn’t have his pacifier in his mouth and he releases a large amount of saliva which pools a bit and makes his face super wet.  He has a little red rash on his cheek from this a few nights ago.

This morning after pumping, I heard Simon turn over again so went to turn him back onto his back.  Ron had left Simon’s Winnie the Pooh plush at the grandparents so Simon had only his pudding puppy pillow to hold onto.  Doesn’t he look so peaceful?


We’re not sure how to prevent him from turning onto his stomach since it seems to be a favorite position these days, even during playtime.  Check out his booty!


Although I’ve been trying to have him practice sitting up more but for some reason he hates sitting on his behind.  He prefers standing or lying down.  But while playing with him today, I thought I’d give him a different perspective on his toys hanging from his playmat and surprisingly he grabbed hold of the two bars of the playmat and was balancing himself.


He’s still quite wobbly if you watch this video and ends up falling forward or backward.  He seems really flexible!

We went for a walk around downtown today since it was such a nice day but boy, does my back and shoulders hurt.  Simon is getting pretty heavy.  I received a suggestion for a different carrier and may invest in another one since Simon does prefer to be carried rather than being put in the car seat or stroller.  We tried the bigger stroller (without the car seat) before I went out with him but he really hated it.  We already know he doesn’t like the car seat anymore unless he has to so I just took him out in the Baby Bjorn.  Here is a picture of him after we got home, grabbing hold of BOTH feet!


One more day left before the weekend is over.  Last week at work seemed so long but the weekend always passes by too fast.

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