I’m super!

Day 138

We finally had time to do Simon’s laundry again so he has another new outfit.  During the day, Simon is a mild mannered baby… by night, he transforms into “Super Baby” and will scare you with those eyebrows!


So we visited my co-worker and her family this morning and since their youngest is over 1 year old, she has lost interest in her Exersaucer so they let us borrow it for a while.  It is the same one that Simon has at his grandparents except it is a previous generation so has different toys.  He is having fun with it and exploring the different toys.  He likes the piano and this purple dolphin that spins and has beads inside.  His legs still don’t quite reach the ground so Ron fashioned a piece of styrofoam to support his feet.


Simon also received a Boppy pillow as a gift a while ago but we weren’t sure we were going to use it.  But we found it to be a good way to prop Simon up, either sitting up so that it wraps around his front and he leans forward on it or for him to have tummy time and learn how to push up with his arms and push with his feet.


Simon woke up too early for me this morning so I was exhausted by afternoon.  I ended up taking a 3 hour late afternoon nap.  He’s been waking up earlier than usual so one of us has to wake up with him to cater to his needs.  At least during the weekend I can take a nap but I hope he doesn’t do it during the week.

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