Grabbing With Two Hands

Thursday, September 19, 2013

A morning picture for me to look at throughout the day. There are days when I really miss the kiddos.

Simon had a bit of a better day today in that he showed his generosity to his classmates. He brought about 10 wooden cars and trains of his own to school. He wasn’t playing with these at home so was willing to bring them to let other children play. Little guy has a good heart.

His appetite was back today in full force since he finished his lunch and snack: corn and tomato pizza (from Cheese Board), grapes, cucumbers, cheese, dried cranberries, fruit snacks, dried apples, and flatbread crackers.

Today Ron took and picked up Simon from school so I had a little break with driving. When he eats and able to nap usually means he had a better day. Love his “cheese”!

Iris apparently had a very “awake” day. No naps all afternoon. She seemed cheerful though and not fussy.

She has recently been more deliberate with her hand movements and is grabbing onto things with both hands. Sometime she gets what she is aiming for and sometimes she misses but will continue to try.

“Mommy, what are you doing? Taking more pictures of me? Okay, I guess I’ll smile for you.”

She was fast asleep by 7:30pm as I held her in my arms to feed her. It comforts me sometimes when I feel like she is waiting for me before she wants to go to sleep.

After changing her to PJs and putting her in bed, she woke up slightly and comforted herself back to sleep with her thumb. I also had the musical mobile playing but without the light.

Early bedtime for me too.

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