Trying to Stay Awake

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Iris’ outfit of the day, along with a little smile.

Apparently she was quite funny today and was tired but didn’t want to nap yet so tried to stay awake as long as possible. Here she is out in the backyard for a little stroll.


Sudden big yawn:

I guess we do this even when we become adults. We deny ourselves sleep because we feel like we are going to miss out on something or really have to stay awake to get something done. I wonder what Iris is thinking that she needs to do?

So Simon had a rough drop off this morning. He cried, screamed, and tried to run away again. He was fine until we got stuck at the last stoplight before his school then he started panicking a little which spilled over until we got to the classroom. But he did manage to eat half his lunch and take a nap so that’s a little better than usual.

Lunch of bagel dog, apple pear, strawberries, cheese, animal crackers, ritz, and fruit snacks.

Every evening he is so glad to be home.

Iris is very good at sucking her thumb these days. I found her contently sucking as I finished making dinner.

She comforted herself to sleep tonight by sucking her thumb. I had put her in her bed with the mobile on and she cried quietly for a few minutes then found her thumb and dozed off to sleep. She hasn’t been sleeping more than 4 hours straight the last few nights so not sure why that’s happening (maybe a growth spurt?) but it makes for one tired mommy. I do what Iris did today, in the morning I wake up and make myself stay awake even though I’m tired. Looking forward to the weekend to just be able to sleep a little longer and enjoy quality time with our little family.

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