Return of the Amazing Sleeping Baby!

Friday, September 20, 2013

I don’t know if it had to do with the moon?

Or just that she was super tired but Iris slept for over 8 1/2 hours last night. I was a little worried when I woke up around the 7 hour mark but they say never to wake a sleeping baby so I just let her sleep. She woke up briefly to nurse then went back to sleep for another two hours. Then she had a little yawn:

Then stared into the camera to command me to come get her. How do they know the camera is where Mommy and Daddy are?

So we all got some good rest last night and the musical mobile without lights seems to do the trick to help her fall asleep in her bed at night. But the amazing sleeping baby usually only appears for one night so I’m anticipating she won’t sleep such a long duration the next few nights.

Simon happier this morning about going to school. He knows it is Friday so the weekend with no school is almost here. I hope he smiles like this for his school portraits.

Lunch of mini corn dogs, curly fries, persimmons (fresh from Grandma Tam’s tree, thank you!), grapes, crackers, and fruit snacks. He ate all of it today!

I still haven’t had time to try making onigiri but should probably soon since I’m starting to run out of ideas. Simon can be a picky eater in that he doesn’t like unfamiliar things so won’t try new things without a lot of convincing. But I think he will like rice balls and seaweed so I hope I can get to that next week.

Here are some art projects that he did yesterday. The current lesson plan is about the five senses.

Then they did this painting for the moon festival. Not sure what it says though.

Iris had grown out of most of her 3 month size onesies and has moved on to 6-12 month size. She’s tall for her age so we had a hard time buttoning up her onesies including the diaper. Now she has lots of new outfits to wear. Our little sweetie’s face.

So the musical mobile worked its magic again and Iris is peacefully asleep.

Looking at her, I kind of want footsie PJs.

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