How much do I weigh?

Day 41

I had a check-up today so we thought we’d weigh Simon when I was getting my weight checked. I won’t say how much weigh except that I have 8 lbs to lose before I get back to my pre-pregnancy weight… but while I’m at it, I’m going to try to lose another 10 lbs. We’ll see how that goes. I may go back to my gestational diabetes diet to help my weight loss along. The fear of developing type 2 diabetes is motivation enough.

From their digital scale, Simon weighs 12.4 lbs (12 lbs 6 oz or 5.6kg) which breaks down into him gaining 10 oz per week since his last doctor’s visit so I would say that is above average…

The last few days I have been having worsening wrist pain, mostly in my right wrist. My NP said it is common to have carpal tunnel postpartum. It has to do with hyperflexing your wrist as you sleep and usually while nursing. I bought a wrist brace to keep my wrist immobile to reduce strain, let’s hope it works. I’m going to try some ice packs and ibuprofen to see if it helps too. Right now it’s hard for me to carry Simon, type, write, and do daily tasks like washing dishes and brushing my teeth. The pain is sharp and sudden… I hope it goes away.

Simon’s picture of the day, taking a nap with a pacifier.  We offered the pacifier since he was having trouble falling asleep for his afternoon nap.  He’s been having a lot of stomach issues (gassy, gurgling, etc) so hasn’t been falling asleep easily.


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