Halloween Morning

I woke up early this morning to have breakfast but not any morning coffee so by noon, I was tired and decided to take a nap. The kitties decided to join me for my afternoon nap. Misu at my waist and Maxwell at my feet. I haven’t seen them sleeping so close to each other in a long time, usually Misu is chasing Maxwell and Maxwell is hissing and swatting at Misu.

After my nap, Ron and I walked downtown since he needed to find a costume for tonight’s Halloween party. After we scavenged at the Halloween store, we went for coffee at the Blue Bottle Cafe in Mint Plaza.

I ordered the New Orleans style iced coffee for Ron. It’s a cold drip brewed coffee with a bit of sugar and they say this one is okay with milk or cream. They also have Kyoto style iced coffee which they recommend drinking black. I originally ordered the Kyoto style, not knowing it’s not recommended with milk, but they exchanged it for the New Orleans in a heartbeat, knowing that Ron does not like black coffee. If you go to the cafe, check out the contraption used for the Kyoto style, it’s a REALLY slow drip.

For myself, I ordered an Affogato. The ice cream was Humphry Slocombe’s Special Breakfast topped with a shot of espresso. The ice cream itself was nice and creamy but kind of unidentifiable, it had some sort of cake/cookie/grain/nougat pieces in it. Once topped with the espresso = YUM! The bitterness of the espresso made the ice cream even better.

After coffee, since I slept through lunch, Ron and I went to have dinner at Bangkok Noodles. I ordered the roast duck noodles with flat noodles. Flat rice noodles are my favorite and I love roast duck. Their broth is kind of addictive but also a bit oily and salty but very satisfying. Those fried garlic pieces were so good.

Ron’s heading to a Halloween party tonight while I am opting to stay home since I’m working in Oakland tomorrow. With the Bay Bridge closure, it’s going to be a bit of a pain to get across the bay. In hindsight, I should have said no when the regular RPh called me on Friday to ask me to work… oh well, too late now.

Blue Bottle Coffee Co. Cafe

66 Mint Street

Bangkok Noodles
110 Powell St

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