Happy Birthday Hello Kitty

Saturday, November 1, 2014

This morning, Iris had her first swim class at the YMCA. She’s in the “Shrimp” class which is an introduction for babies to water. She was a little concerned at the beginning of the class but eventually got into blowing bubbles in the water and kicking her little feet. It’s quite a feat to shower and change clothes after class though so we are a little haggard looking after class.


We went for a snack at the Downtown Berkeley Farmer’s Market while we waited for Simon to finish his swim class. This session he has moved up to be a “Ray” (previously he was an “Eel”) and is in the deeper pool.


In the afternoon, we went to a birthday party at Cedar Rose park.


All the “kids” had fun playing on the swings.

And relaxing on the lawn chairs while having snacks.

There was also a pretty funny entertainer that did juggling, jokes, unicycle riding, playing with fire, etc.


When did my baby become a little girl?!

Today also happens to be Hello Kitty’s 40th birthday! I wish I could be at Hello Kitty Con in Los Angeles but kiddos are my first priority these days. Maybe one day they will come with me. They are already familiar with my love for Hello Kitty so I think they would enjoy spending the weekend with me seeing all things Hello Kitty. This is my treat to myself that I’ve been wanting to get, a dancing Hello Kitty doll. It dances when you play music (or sing songs) or dances to it’s own songs. Love it!

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