Sonney’s BBQ Shack and Marriott Grand Residence

Friday, November 7, 2014

Trying out her winter boots.

We are going on a short getaway to South Lake Tahoe. We left after Simon finished school (he had a 1/2 day today) so arrived in SLT around dinnertime. We Yelped for a place to eat and decided upon Sonney’s BBQ Shack. Ron had all the pictures on his phone so will have to upload them later. Meats were tasty although the sauce a bit too spicy after a while.

Kids enjoyed their waters and Simon also had lemonade.

After dinner we checked into our room at the Marriott Grand Residence. We usually stay at the Marriott Timber Lodge which is on the other side of the gondola so were interested to see how this place differs. We were greeted with freshly baked Otis Spunkmeyer cookies. The kids were easily won over.

The living room of our unit. There is an adjoining bedroom with an additional bathroom. This room also had a dining room, kitchen, and bathroom. There are two sleeping areas underneath the windows plus one of the sofas is a pull-out. Wish we had known sooner then we could have invited people to come up with us.

We might have a problem when this little girl becomes a teenager…

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