The Home Stretch

Monday, April 21, 2014

Simon’s lunch of apple pear, salmon and cucumber English muffin sandwich, a chocolate covered Peep marshmallow, and Whopper eggs. The candy was in his Easter bag yesterday but he didn’t get a chance to try them so I said I would pack it for lunch today.

I was exhausted last night after my long walk so my “brain was not firing on all pistons” and I left my pump at home so had to drive home at lunchtime to pump. It might not have been too big of a deal if I just didn’t pump at all during the day but it would have been uncomfortable. This is the home stretch, I’m almost at my goal of breastfeeding until Iris turns 1 years old. I still have some stored in the freezer so she will have breast milk for > 1 year but I will be done with pumping additional milk for her after she turns 1 year. The only good thing about having to rush home is seeing my sweet baby. She was napping when I got back though.

I hope her fascination with phones doesn’t translate to her teenage years.

Simon is all about “mei mei, no!” (mei mei = little sister). She’s always getting into his stuff.

But he gets over it pretty quickly and tries to help out when he can.


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