Happy Kids

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Seeing your kids smile and hearing them laugh are some of the best things in life.

Saturday, September 28:

Iris is a bit spoiled in that she usually ends up in bed next to me by morning. Simon rarely slept next to either of us since we were so cautious with him as our first child. Iris will sleep in her own bed all night but sometimes I’m just too tired to put her back and I love waking up to her coos and smiles.

Breakfast with Iris.

Simon buried in stuffed animals! He was so happy to keep piling them on.

Then also loving his cars and trucks.

In the evening, Simon had a little meltdown. Not including school drop offs, he hasn’t thrown a tantrum in a while. He was over tired since he didn’t take a nap in the afternoon but fell asleep in the car around 5pm until 6pm. When Ron woke him to take him inside, he had a fit and started wailing and stomping his feet. He eventually calmed down enough to have dinner and returned to his normal self. Tantrums can happen at unpredictable times but I’ve learned that they always eventually pass.

Both kids napping in the car.

Mom, I’m ready for bed! No more pictures please!


Sunday, September 29:

Check out Iris’ new smiley pants.

Change of outfit for the day since she wasn’t really into drinking her milk today. She would take the bottle but not swallow her milk, just let it dribble out the sides of her mouth so her other clothes were soaked. When she’s in the mood, she can drink a lot but when she’s not, she just plays with the bottle and doesn’t drink much. Like today, I think she only had about 12-14 ounces from 8am to 6pm. Usually it’s about 16-20 ounces.

Simon enjoyed staying home today playing with his outdoor and indoor toys, hanging out with us, and just making silly faces.

And being a silly elephant.

And mimicking silly Daddy.

He started something new today and a bit difficult for me. He stopped listening to me or doing what I ask and defers to Daddy. For instance, I told him to go wash hands before eating his dessert and he told me he didn’t need to. But he had been playing with his toys and always washes hands before eating anything. So I just said, “Daddy, are Simon’s hands clean?” Ron said no and told Simon to wash his hands and Simon went and did it right away. We are guessing it is the start of a “testing” phase to see if Ron and I agree and who is the “last word” or has the “power” so we will see how this plays out.

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