Sporadic Sleep

Friday, September 27, 2013

All that sleep during the day yesterday led to a night of troubled sleep. Or she really is growing and needing to wake up to eat. She woke up almost every two hours for the whole night. But she had a great big smile for me in the morning which made me smile too.

I am having lots of fun dressing Iris up in her new outfits. This is a gift from Auntie Susan and family.

It’s been a little chilly during the mornings so that’s why she is wearing a hat. It’s been cold enough that our heater kicked on this morning. Flu season is coming so everyone go get your flu vaccinations to protect yourself and your kids!

Today, Ron made Simon’s lunch. “Sushi” with just rice and Ròusōng 肉鬆, pan fried and sliced hot dog, apples, and grapes.

Simon ate everything! He really loves Ròusōng so it makes sense he ate it all. Not the healthiest of lunches but once in a while, it’s ok to indulge. Here is Simon at home eating breakfast.

This evening, Simon’s school had a parent social at a nearby restaurant and they provided childcare for enrolled students. I went to go see him before I went to the social and he didn’t want me to leave. We’ve been telling him the last few days that we had a mommy and daddy meeting for a short while and he would have to stay at a school for a bit longer. He understood but was still a little sad and maybe unfamiliar with some of the caregivers there for the evening. Ron took Iris on the BART for the first time so they could meet up with me to head to the dinner.

Simon was his happy self by the time we picked him up and headed home after a long evening. His teacher was there at the social and told us some little tidbits about Simon during school. Today they made paper dolls by cutting out the body with construction paper, gluing on eyes and beads for fingers. The teacher said he was the only student to say the person needed a shirt to keep from being cold, so he decided to cut out a shirt and glue it on all by himself. Smart and practical kid!

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