Happy Week – Balloons, Taiwanese American Cultural Festival, WOW!, Climbing Stairs

May 11 – 17, 2011

Monkey Simon.

Simon using his maracas as drums. The sound it made surprised him and he really enjoyed it.

Simon’s little legs are now just long enough to reach the ground while sitting in his car.

This is what Simon did when I asked him to “SMILE!”

Simon enjoys watching Sesame Street and knows his favorite characters: Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster, Grover, Oscar… in this episode they are singing “Sing A Song”.

Simon playing before bedtime.

For dinner we went to Moonstar Buffet and they gave Simon a balloon. He looks SO happy.

We were eating but he wasn’t interested in our entrees. He just wanted some fruit so he stopped crying and fussing when I handed him this strawberry on a stick from the fondue section.

Simon went with Grandma and Grandpa Chung to Union Square.

He seemed happy clapping his hands.

Simon has hat hair.

Simon eyeing the cotton candy.

Simon eating his cracker.

In the evening, we decided to go to Ikea for dinner and to look around. Simon goes “wow” whenever we drive through a tunnel. He also goes “wow” whenever he sees something new that he likes.

At Ikea, Simon wanted to walk around by himself and found this rocking horse and wanted to play with it.

We ended up having to leave Ikea sooner than expected because the fire alarm in the kitchen went off and they evacuated everyone.

Simon and I took a long walk this morning. There were a lot of people in costumes heading toward the Bay to Breakers so it was crowded early in the morning but the Ferry Building was quite empty. As we were walking inside, he started shouting something that sounded like “berry” because he saw a basket of strawberries. I asked him if he wanted strawberries and he shook his head up and down. A 1/2 lb of organic strawberries was $5.99! Yikes, oh well, anything for baby. He also got a glass of organic whole milk from Cowgirl Creamery for $2 and we shared a loaf of Acme Olive Bread for $4.15. We went to enjoy our snack near the fountain across the way.

Simon was excited. He calls water “na-na”.

Then we met up with daddy for lunch. Simon wanted his own cup. He ended up dropping this on the floor and it shattered. He knew dropping it was something bad so he was really quiet afterwards.

Simon has learned to go up stairs. He can’t quite do it all by himself while upright (he can go up on his hands and knees) so Ron helps him up.

Back inside the apartment, Simon was a happy baby playing with his wrist rattles. We called them “watches” to get him to put out his wrist for us to put them on.

Simon scooted himself off his mattress to continue taking his nap.

A belated Mother’s Day dinner with the Chungs at Chili’s. Simon waiting not-so patiently outside for our table.

Simon drinking his morning milk in his new Snoopy PJs.

Check out those big eyes!

Simon ended up having a fever at daycare so I went to go pick him up. Unfortunately for us, it was raining so after we got off the bus, we headed to Starbucks for a snack and stay dry. But Starbucks was full and no one would share their table with us so walked to Macy’s food court to sit and enjoy a break. Simon really wanted to eat this banana.

But after eating about a third then wanted to go home.

Poor little guy was tired out and wanted to sleep when we got home. His cheeks are a little red.

Simon went to daycare today and he seemed to be fine but went to bed early.

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