Staying home then Getting Out, Saying NO!

May 18 – 24, 2011

Simon felt a bit warm last night and this morning so he stayed home with me today since I had the day off. We also didn’t want to get the other kids sick if Simon was contagious. He seemed happy to be home with me.

Then he had a short nap for less than an hour.

Then he woke up crying and couldn’t be consoled for an hour. Eventually when I asked if he wanted to go outside, he quieted down and was ready for a walk to the playground. We stopped by Yerba Buena to check out the fountains.

We went to the playground and Simon had fun (and got wet!) playing in the water.

Plus sliding down the slide with mommy.

Then a stop at Union Square to listen to some salsa music.

And some dinner from Panda Express. Simon had fried rice.

I guess he really just wanted to get out of the house, feeling cooped up all day. He didn’t seem to have any fevers today so he can go play with the other kids tomorrow.
Simon giving Hello Kitty a hug.

Simon playing with an octopus plush. He says “oc-pu”.

Simon’s hair is getting long. He will need to go for a haircut soon.

Simon’s first rice cracker. It was a little big for him for breakfast so he only ate about a third.

We went shopping at Target and Ron got Simon this “echo” microphone.

We went this morning again to Yerba Buena Playground. Simon really likes water.

We rode the carousel again and Simon was still scared of riding on the animals that go up and down but didn’t mind sitting on top of a stationary lion… as long as mommy was holding him.

Then we sat down for a rest before heading home.

Simon looking cool in his jeans!

Our last weekend in SF where we can walk to Yerba Buena from our apartment.
Simon’s cheesy smile.

Yay! Arms up!

Simon enjoying some watermelon. It got messy.

Simon has learned how to say “no”. Now he says “no” all the time.

Simon’s technique for making raspberries has improved, he can be really loud now.

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