Visit with Auntie Sabrina

Day 141

Simon had an exciting day with Ron.  He went to San Mateo to have lunch with Ron’s classmates who were visiting the bay area from Canada.  They participated in the Ironman the past weekend in Sonoma.  After lunch, Ron and Simon went to visit Sabrina and her twins, Connor and Toby.  Unfortunately, Ron said during their visit that the twins were mostly asleep so didn’t get any pictures with them but Simon did take a picture with Sabrina.


The twins are a few months older than Simon.  I’m in awe of Sabrina being able to take care of two boys at the same time.  We only have Simon and it’s already so much work, I can’t imagine double that… but I guess that it also means double the joy!

Simon got to play with a lot of their toys so now we have an idea of what toys he likes and that we should get in the future.

Before I left in the morning for work, I got Simon dressed in this new Hippo footsie pants outfit, matched with his baby blue Tigger bib.


I needed some cuddling time with Simon tonight so held him while he took a little nap.


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