Hotei – Japanese Noodles + Sushi

Tried Hotei for the first time tonight. Thanks to Patsy and her husband for the treat!

We shared a 49er Roll which is sliced salmon, lemon, avocado, tobiko, and shiso. The thinly sliced lemon on top gives it an interesting bite, in a way very refreshing but also a bit strange.

I tried the chasu ramen with miso broth. Surprisingly this bowl of noodles was too much for me. I shouldn’t have eaten that banana before I left work… but the noodles were nice and al dente, the chasu on the leaner side, yummy bamboo shoots, other nice greens in the soup…but then broth just a bit too salty for me. I’m not really a broth drinker to begin with so I may be a bad judge of broth.

We also shared an order of hamachi kama (yellowtail cheek, usually broiled) so that may have contributed to my inability to finish my noodles. Next time I’ll know to save my stomach because this restaurant’s portions are actually very generous.

With the suddenly cooler weather, warm soupy noodles were just the thing!

1290 9th Avenue

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