I am Obi Wan Kenobi

Day 140

This morning Simon woke up hungry at 5am.  I got up to feed him and he went right back to sleep until 7am.  I wonder why he gets up so early then just goes back to sleep right after… I had to rush off to work though soon after he woke up so Ron updates me on Facebook with Simon’s activity.  In the below photo, Simon just woke up from another nap, happy and well rested.


Yes he is wearing the same outfit as yesterday.  Ron hadn’t had a chance to change him yet.

As I mentioned a few days ago, Simon is still having a good time exploring his new toys.  Here he is laughing out loud while Ron is playing with him.

Also, Simon is still practicing crawling so here is propped up on the Boppy and you can see him pushing with his feet.  He is also munching on his bug toy.  He likes to suck on the rubbery wings of this bug.

After a change of clothes, Simon transforms into a “Stud”!  Ron seems to like this outfit together with the bib as I think Simon has worn this before.


We went for dinner at Spices in the Richmond district and Simon had his first sniff of stinky tofu.  He has a concerned look on his face but didn’t seem overly offended by it.  I did eat it while I was pregnant so it probably doesn’t scare him that much.


It was chilly this evening so Simon ended up being wrapped up in his blanket while sitting in the car seat.  Plus he got a bit cranky at the restaurant so we had to wrap him up in his blanket to calm him down.  Doesn’t he look a bit like Obi Wan Kenobi in his robes?  Except not this happy.


When I put Simon back into the Exersaucer, I was surprised to see Simon’s feet touching the ground, at least his toes are.  He was able to roll back and forth a bit but with significant effort.  I love the expression on Simon’s face, looks to me like he should be saying something like “Rock on!”


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