Indonesia Restaurant

I was having a craving for laksa but wasn’t able to find a place in our neighborhood but thought we’d try the Indonesian Restaurant that we passed by a few weeks ago.

We ended up ordering four dishes.

Tahu Telor
Deep fried tofu in scramble egg, bean sprouts, and crushed peanut served with peanut sauce dressing.
Not very appetizing looking but reminded me a lot of one of my favorite breakfast in Singapore called Tahu Goreng (a deep fried tofu dish served with cucumbers and peanut sauce).

Chicken Satay
Five grilled chicken skewers served with a peanut sauce.
The chicken was a bit dry. The pickled vegetables were really yummy though.

Soto Ayam
Shredded chicken in coconut milk, bean sprout, fresh tomato, clear noodles, and hard boiled eggs.
The crispy things on top tasted a bit stale so a bit bitter. I was hoping it was like laksa because of the coconut broth but I was very wrong.

Slow cooked beef in coconut milk, galangal, lemon grass, and Indonesian bay leaves.
Yum, delicious and spicy. Loved the fried garlic on top.

They have lots of other dishes so we’ll probably be back since we live within walking distance. They open late too, see hours below.

Indonesia Restaurant

678-680 Post Street
Mon-Thu 11:30am-12am
Fri-Sat 11:30am-3am
Sun 12pm-11pm

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