Kids Love Water

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Weekends always go by too quickly. It was good to sleep in and have a relaxing weekend with family.

Saturday, September 14:
Just chilling on the bean bag chair.

Simon attended the monthly Lowe’s build and grow clinic. He was so excited and happy that it was a fire truck.

We headed out to the Peninsula to have lunch with Ron’s family. We had a good Taiwanese lunch at Joy Restaurant in Foster City. Iris with Uncle Henry and Auntie Betty.

Iris with Uncle William.

After lunch, we went to Hillsdale Shopping Mall and Simon got a Hello Kitty lollipop for a treat.

We hung out at the grandparents house for the rest of the evening. Both kids needed a nap but Simon wouldn’t fall asleep and Iris cried (loudly) for almost 15 minutes before calming down and falling asleep.

Hi Mommy! I’m just quietly watching the fish tank while you finish dinner.


Sunday, September 15:
Our little flower.

Iris’ nails grow so fast. It’s hard to keep up with the trimming. So poor thing scratched herself in the middle of the night.

Simon enjoying our dim sum lunch.

Iris really likes watching Daddy’s fish and water movement.

She tracks the fish a little as they swim around.

Simon is less interested in Ron’s fish tank but prefers to be hands-on with water like swimming, water tables, building sand castles, water fountains, etc. Today, he helped Ron to wash the car!

He helped to wash both cars and happily did it. Our cars now look super shiny and finally clean! A nice way to start a new week 🙂

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