Too Tired

Monday, September 16, 2013

This is what happens when Simon doesn’t take his nap at school. Too tired to eat dinner after falling asleep on the ride home.

He probably was anxious all day and just wanted to go home. When I dropped him off the morning, he didn’t want to get out of the car so I had to carry him. Then when we got inside, he wanted to leave so he kept on running toward the door. In the classroom, he was holding onto me, not wanting me to leave until the teacher took him in her arms and I left and closed the classroom door behind me. So tough to leave him like that but there was no way that I could calm him down before I left.

He didn’t eat much of his lunch. Chicken quesadillas, carrots, cucumbers, apples, strawberries, animal crackers, babybel cheese, and fruit snacks. Plus a snack of dried cranberries, apple chips, and crackers. He only ate one triangle of the quesadilla, the cheese, the animal crackers and fruit snacks, and one piece of apple.

Iris had a better day than Simon. A peaceful slumber.

A happy smile for me when we got home.

A little Bumbo time while the rest of us ate dinner.

She drank like a champ today. Mostly 4 ounces at a time when she usually just drinks 2-3 ounces here and there at more frequent intervals. She even drank 8 ounces in an hour time frame. So about 16 ounces while I was at work. So far I’m still keeping up with her demand and storing some every few days. It’s only been the first few weeks back to work but I hope I can keep this up.

She also successfully put herself to sleep. After bath time, a feeding, and some cuddling, I put her in her bed while she was getting drowsy and turned on her musical mobile. She watched it turning for a little while, then started sucking her thumb, and made some fussy noises but near the end of the song, she was asleep. I think it runs for about 10- 15 minutes but I’ve never timed it. I’m proud of her but also a bit sad that she doesn’t need me to hold her to help her fall asleep. Well it’s only the second night she’s fallen asleep peacefully by herself so we will see how that goes tomorrow.

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