Kyomomoyama at Central in Clarke Quay

We were originally planning on going to Sunset Grill & Bar at Seletar Base but decided it was a bit too far for us to go. We ended up instead at Clarke Quay at Central on the 3rd level. There are quite a few Japanese restaurants on that level, looks like some good ramen too. But the ramen places had really long lines so we went to the restaurant with the shortest wait, which was Kyomomoyama, it’s quite close to one set of escalators.

We ordered the following:

Tuna sashimi with fermented soy beans. The soy beans were a bit strange, kind of tasteless but very very sticky. When you picked up some with your chopsticks, it ran a long sticky thread from the bowl to your mouth. Quite messy.

Salmon cheese fries. Basically cheese folded in between thin slices of salmon and deep fried. It was fried, so of course it was good.

Agedashi tofu. The tofu was really smooth but the skin was a bit soft and mushy. The ginger was a bit overpowering for me too.

Yakitori-like items: okra (lady fingers), shitake mushrooms, meatballs, and chicken. They were all equally good, lightly seasoned.

Nigiri platter.

We had some nice sake to top off the night. We tried to get dessert at a place on level one, Japanese dessert of some sort… but the queue was really REALLY long… oh well, next time!

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