Swiss Culture at Suntec City

Again another evening feeling stuffed… I really am eating a lot since I’ve arrived in Singapore… but I can’t help it, there are so many places to try and there are people all around me who enjoy eating.

Tonight we were celebrating nothing, just out to enjoy the evening. Joyce and I had a craving for chocolate so I thought going to have chocolate fondue would be a good choice. I did a little searching on the internet and found a few places but one was really far away (Pasir Ris), one sounded really expensive (Dempsey Road), another was at a hawker center and was having their birthday so it’d be really packed… so instead, Swiss Culture at Suntec City seemed the best option.

They take reservations and corkage is SGD$20 FYI.

We had the cheese fondue (~SGD$40) served with bread and an extra side of vegetables (SGD$8).


We also ordered the seafood fondue (SGD$45) although it’s not really fondue… they give you a hot pot of olive oil and you basically fry the seafood inside. It splatters quite a bit so you have a napkin to cover the top so it doesn’t splatter all over you. It was served with crinkle frieds and 8 types of sauce!

Squid, salmon, shrimp, and mussels

Top (L to R): horseradish, BBQ, hoisin, tartar
Bottom (L to R): thai chili, mayo, cocktail, pesto

Joyce and I enjoying our cooking experience.

We also had the famous cheese and mushroom pasta (SGD$20) because we didn’t think the fondue was enough. It was really really creamy. Be prepared.

Plus they threw in a free chocolate fondue (U.P. SGD$20 or they had a special of 50% off if order a main fondue selection – cheese, seafood, beef, chicken, etc) for paying with a UOB credit card! It was served with banana, strawberries, marshmallows, and apples. The server was very kind to ask us if we were going to pay for UOB so that the chocolate fondue was free… they had no signs for this special so we thought it very nice of them to mention it instead of us paying for it.

Recommend waiting a bit for the chocolate to really heat up… this little candle took a while.

Alex enjoying the FREE chocolate fondue (because of him it was free, he’s the only one with a UOB credit card).

We ended up paying about SGD$40 per person. I think it was a very simple meal but worth it for the experience. My face is feeling a bit oily though from sitting in front of the olive oil pot.

Tomorrow is Friday Foody so will have more to report on another restaurant soon. Just got to survive tomorrow’s work… plus also have to work half-day on Saturday…

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