Last Day of School Before Winter Break

Friday, December 20, 2013

Last night Simon and I went to Safeway and he really wanted these mini slices of sourdough bread. He had some for dinner and wanted them again for lunch today. So mini salami and cheese sandwiches with clementines and raspberries. I wonder if I can bake bread like this at home? Anyone ever done this?

Today was the last day of the term and school will be closed for the next two weeks. Simon has been working on his cards all week so now it was time to give them to his teachers. Here are the front of the cards.

Here are the backsides. He did the majority of them himself like the cutting, gluing, sticking, and designing. I only helped him with writing letters S, M, and N.

Plus a small gift to go with the cards. An oversize mug with Hello Kitty hot cocoa, tea bags, and an assortment of chocolates.

I put together these fruity candy canes with a pencil for Simon to give to his classmates.

Simon made a snowflake decoration at school today.

Since it was the last day of school, Simon got to stay up later than usual and watch a movie. This makes for an exhausted Daddy. Simon shows no sign of exhaustion.

Iris was a bit fussy during the day according to Annie but was all smiles in the evening.
So Simon is off for the next two weeks and I haven’t planned anything for him yet in regards to activities. Lucky for me that I am also off except for Thursdays and Fridays for the next two weeks. I think I’m done with Christmas gift shopping but still haven’t finished unpacking/cleaning. Seriously seems like unpacking never ends!

Plus there’s still wrapping the presents and preparing for Santa… maybe get a tree, hanging our stockings, making cookies for Santa, etc…. I love the holidays but it’s a lot of work!

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