Lawrence Hall of Science Field Trip and Iris’ First Step

Friday, April 25, 2014

Simon’s lunch of apple pear, mini tacos, carrots, fries, and a probiotic drink.

Today, Simon’s class had a field trip to the Lawrence Hall of Science and I volunteered to drive. The teacher arranged this trip so they could watch the 3D movie about rainforest bugs but also to just explore the museum. Simon was still a bit scared of the larger than life robotic bug displays they had, especially the spider. He was “ok” with the butterfly and lady bug but they were still a little frightening because they are so huge. But I think they all had a good time exploring with their classmates. It can be exhausting chaperoning though. I had one teacher with me plus four kids total and I was responsible for watching two of the kids while inside the museum but they didn’t always necessarily want to go to the same place so tried to got different directions. Everyone was well behaved though and mostly listened so that was great but still mentally tiring because of the worry of losing a kid.

Little girl is slowly getting ready to walk. Her legs are pretty strong to be able to climb from bean bag to the sofa. Plus she can stand with only holding on with one hand.

And yes, she took her first unassisted steps today. I had to be behind her in this video or else I would distract her and she wouldn’t take a step. Daddy is super excited! I don’t know why she insists on holding on to her sock…

Almost walking… yikes!

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