Throwback Thursday Post

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Simon’s lunch of mango pudding, strawberries, noodles, and chicken wings. Grandma Tam made the mango pudding yesterday while she was at our house but unfortunately Simon did not want to try it. Mango is one of his favorite fruits but for some reason he did not care to try the pudding. I ended up feeding some of it Iris and even offered Simon some while feeding her and he still did not want to try it. Oh well, more for Iris! She loved to munch on the cut up mango pieces.

When I showed the picture to my Dad of Iris sitting on the grass at the Easter egg hunt, he reminded me I had a similar picture sitting on grass when I was about 8 months old. I definitely did not like the lawn, Iris seemed pretty happy.
This is me in 1979:
This is Iris in 2014:

Maybe because the lawn she sat on was greener and therefore, softer. Or she’s just less of a complainer. 😀

Little Iris loves getting into everything though. Either taking Simon’s books or his toys.

Simon chillin’.

Iris, “whatcha doin’?”

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