Take Your Child to Work Day

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Eating breakfast. I am looking forward to when mealtime is less messy.


National Take Your Child to Work Day is the fourth Thursday of April (I only know this because of Facebook) so since I missed it, I had an opportunity for a “make-up” day today since I had to work and because Ron had to take Simon to his swim class. Iris definitely won everyone over and she was really well behaved. She worked at each station, first the typist station.


Then the filling station (she learned to open an easy open cap).

Then the checking station.

After all that hard work, I carried her in the Baby Ergo until she fell asleep. Then Simon and Ron came to have lunch in Oakland Chinatown and pick up Iris to take her home before I got off work so she wouldn’t need to work the whole day.

Simon did really well in his swim class today from what I could see in the videos. He wore goggles for the first time and they seemed to help him swim farther. He has resisted goggles in the past but the instructor mentioned them last week so Simon was willing to try them for this week’s class.

Here he is swimming towards the instructor.

Here he is swimming back towards the wall.

“What’s hangin’?” or more like “Who’s hangin’ upside down?”

Simon’s picture of the day:

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