Lazy Sunday

Spent a relaxing Sunday at home after just going out for lunch. Thought I’d take a break from eating my way through San Francisco and let Ron catch up on work.

In the morning, we shared the croissant we got from Tartine yesterday. We toasted it in the toaster oven so it got a little burnt on top. It was super buttery but oh so good.

Also, I got the new camera Ron bought for me so hopefully my pictures will be a whole lot better from now on. My new camera is the Canon PowerShot SD960 IS in the lovely blue color. Check out!

So new picture of the kitties:

For lunch, we went to Hai Ky Mi Gia in the Tenderloin. I ordered the Beef Stew Ho Fun Soup.

It came with lots of tendons (which I love) and beef. A strong tomato-like flavor and a bit oily but overall not too bad. Not sure I like the neighborhood though.

Ron ordered the duck with dumplings and noodles.

Ron’s dish was served with pickled vegetables. Nice and tangy and Ron says there was a bit of spice.

Plus we shared some Chinese donuts. It was a bit too much…

Hai Ky Mi Gia
707 Ellis St

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