Leaning to stand

Day 189

Simon usually wakes up early but then will go back to take another nap in the morning. After he wakes up, he is usually refreshed and very happy and smiley.

For some reason, I really like the expression in his eyes and lips in this photo. Either very joyful or very mischievous.

Simon is learning new ways of keeping himself standing without our assistance. If we are sitting on the ground with him, he can lean on on us or lean on our knees if he is standing between our legs with our knees up… or Ron tested his strength to stand against the playpen rails.

Simon is basically locking his knees and leaning his arms against the edge to keep himself up.

It will be interesting (and possibly dangerous) when he learns to pull himself up into this position.

For now he has to be propped up this way and can’t stand up by himself… whew!

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