Low Key Labor Day Holiday

Day 188

After a busy weekend, we took it slow today. Woke up late and took a walk to have some noodles for lunch. I carried Simon using the Ergo carrier and he fell asleep so I had to eat my noodles carefully so not to spill on his head. The good thing about the Ergo is that there is a hood so I could cover him from any potential drips as well. On the way home though he woke up so I decided to try carrying him in the back.

It is a bit weird feeling since I’m afraid he might fall out but he is actually pretty secure and it is easier to walk uphill with him on my back since I can lean forward more.

So we spent the rest of the day at home just relaxing. We let Simon practice standing and see if he could keep his balance. He can stand on his feet for 1-2 seconds before toppling over.

We think we might be letting him practice standing too much since he gets kind of cranky when on his tummy for too long. He just might stand up before he starts to crawl.

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