Miette, Arty Salon (a 12 inch hair cut!), and Iroha

On my long Saturday walk I stopped by Miette to check out their pastries. I decided on a rose macaroon and a box of ginger snaps. I had the macaroon as my breakfast this morning. The macaroon was $1.50 and a bit small, the circumference about the size of a silver dollar. The rose flavor was very light but fragrant, the cookie nice and nutty.

This evening I had my big haircut. Every 2 years or so, I usually will cut the length of my hair for donation to Locks of Love. This will be my third donation. Your hair donation must be at least 10 inches so if you’re interested in donating, check out their website. It’s always a good excuse for me to get a new hairstyle and my hair grows pretty fast.

So my length before haircut:

My friend Susan recommended ARTY Salon in Japantown and their stylist Kumi. She’s a busy girl so I wasn’t able to get an appointment during my vacation so had to wait until tonight. She did a really great job with my hair consultation and gave me a lot of options. Eventually I just asked her to do what she thought would be best for my face shape and my style of hair. She took a lot of time putting the finishing touches on my cut. My haircut took almost 90 minutes but my hair feels really nice and light, it just is taking some getting used to. Wait until I wash it and then I’ll have an opinion on how I really like it.

So ta-dah! At dinner:

My 12 inch ponytail:

After my cut, we went to Iroha for dinner. I had bought a gift certificate from Restaurant.com so it was a good time to use it. It was a $25 off a $45 minimum purchase, the gift certificate only cost me $5. We ended up ordering quite a bit of food.

Seaweed salad, a bit too much dressing.

Mushroom stuffed with pork, oversauced with teriyaki sauce.

Beef wrapped around green bell peppers. Again, too much teriyaki sauce.

Vegetable tempura. Great vegetables: mushrooms, bell pepper, eggplant, carrot, yam, zucchini, and some sort of pumpkin or gourd.

Tonkatsu curry. Curry was piping hot, a bit spicy which was good. The rice not very good but tonkatsu well fried.

Ron ordered the beef teriyaki + tonkatsu combo (not on the menu but they said they would make it).

It was quite a bit meal, needless to say, we were stuffed. I’ve been drinking lots of water since dinner since I feel parched, too much protein and saltiness.

2109 Chestnut St

1680 Post St #G (2nd floor)

1728 Buchannan St (2nd floor) between Post St & Sutter St

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