Makansutra Glutton’s Bay at Esplanade

Friday Foody tonight was at Makansutra Glutton’s Bay next to the Esplanade. Makansutra is apparently a company that showcases Singapore’s food. They produce a guidebook, TV shows, a website, mobile services, etc. Glutton’s Bay is also their venture where they gathered some hawker stall owners and brought them to the place next to the Esplanade.

It’s only made up of 12 stalls and I have to say it wasn’t that impressive to me. Sort of more expensive than normal hawker center food in a nicer setting.

They did have a few interest things like your own personal BBQ with your choice of meats and you could also have steamboat/hotpot.

I like the BBQ pot they provide though… be cool for home.

This is pork. Fatty with a bit of bone.

They had satay.

Roti John – some sort of meat inside with onion and cheese, with mayo and chili on top. A bit like a Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich.

Oyster pancake – unlike the Taiwanese type, it’s more of a stir fried oyster omlette rather than a pancake.

Carrot green apple juice. Very refreshing but a bit expensive, SGD$2.50

This was part of dessert for the evening, ice kachung. Basically roughly shaved ice with syrups, sweet corn, red beans, palm seeds, and other jellies inside. You have to dig to find the good stuff at the bottom.

We ended up at the Esplanade at one of the cafes for gelato. It was a bit expensive too, SGD$4 per scoop. The one on the left is cherry raspberry and the one on the right is cappuccino.

So overall, it was only okay. There was live music which was nice and it was nice and cool by the water. A bit on the more expensive side but very clean food center. I was happy to see a kitty wandering around underneath the tables.

I’m tired after a long day at work so we decided not to join the others on their evening adventures. I think I need to get a little more sleep this weekend.

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