Making RAZZ sounds

Day 128

Simon saying to me in the morning, “Mommy where are you going?”


It’s so hard to leave in the morning when he is awake, I just want to keep playing with him and listening to his cute little cooing.

Ron and Simon came to pick me up from work again so I didn’t have to take the bus and could spend more time with Simon.  We decided to go for an evening walk since we haven’t gone out together for our walks since I started work again.  I bundled him up since it was cold outside.  He may not be able to wear this CAL hoodie for too much longer, the arms are too short for him already.


He had a little nap during our walk, like usual when we were in Old Navy.


Cute dresses on sale for ladies and cute onesies and hoodies for baby boys… but didn’t buy anything this time, solely for exercise walking around the floors.

Simon has moved on from sucking on this thumb to sucking on multiple fingers instead.  Sometimes he’ll even try to stick his whole hand into his mouth and he’ll slobber all over.  It’s quite cute but very messy.


Simon has also started to make new sounds… kind of like “razz” and high pitched cooing.  It’s very cute too but also very messy since he will usually splatter his saliva all over the place.  Here he is talking to Ron and making razz-berries and his new high pitched voice.

He kind of randomly does this talking and we can’t yet make him do it on demand.  He does recognize when we’re smiling at him and will smile back and I can usually make him laugh out loud when playing with his cow chime ball.  We have been trying to get him to recognize hand movements just like the simple wave “hi” but I don’t think he understands it yet.  I wonder if baby sign language is the way to go?  Anyone have an opinion to share?

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