Moo-moo Simon

Day 129

This morning I stayed home with Simon for a bit while Ron had an appointment so I went to work a bit late.  Simon decided to wake up at 6am so I got up with him to spend as much time as I could with him.  He only stayed up for about an hour before decided to go back to sleep for another 2 hours.  He probably didn’t get enough rest overnight.


He naps with his entourage of friends.  Winnie the Pooh, Pudding the puppy, and Moo-Moo the cow are around him so that when he wakes up, he can play with them.


After I went to work, Ron took over playing with Simon and maybe got a bit overwhelmed…


Nah, just kidding!  Ron decided to do the laundry and took this fun picture of Simon in our laundry basket.  He’s probably wondering how the heck he’s going to get out.  I wonder how he’ll feel when we put him at the bottom of the Pack’n’Play rather than just the bassinet part.  I hope he won’t hate it.


As you see, Simon has this great bib that says “Moo Moo” so he can relate to Moo-Moo the cow and they can have a nice nap together.


Look at all the drool on his bib!  Thank goodness this is one of those bibs with the waterproof lining on the other side so he doesn’t get all wet himself.

Here is Simon making more distinct “RAZZ” sounds and also playing on hit playmat.  He is starting the like the parrot toy because when he squeezes the feathers, they make a “crinkle crinkle” sound.

Although we don’t have anything planned, I am looking forward to the weekend of just relaxing and hanging out with Ron and Simon.  It’s been exhausting going back to work and being a wife and mom but I can’t imagine doing anything better right now.

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