Where’s the beef?

Day 131

While he was playing, I spotted Simon sucking on Moo-Moo’s foot.  Maybe he’s telling us he’s ready to try beef.


We haven’t tried solids with him yet since we haven’t found a big chunk of free time to do it in.  I’ve heard from friends that the first time with rice cereal can be time consuming and also very messy so we’ll have to try it on a weekend when we don’t have anything to do.  For now, he’s still drinking plenty of milk and still hungry every 2-3 hours.  He is more consistently eating 4 oz (120ml) at a time so has gotten out of the habit of snacking.


As I mentioned yesterday, we created a little play area for Simon.  Can you find Simon?


This is great for all of us so Simon has a safe place to play and we can be down on the ground with him without hurting our knees.  Since Simon can turn around more easily, it’s no longer safe for him just to play on the sofa since if we turn away, even for a second, he can roll himself off and potentially fall and hurt himself.  Although I’m guessing once he starts to crawl, this area may become obsolete since we can’t confine him into this area.  Ron is thinking that we should place these mats all over our floors but I’m not convinced considering our cats are still walking around and they are bound to try to use it as a scratching pad.  But it’s working out great for now.

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