Molokini Crater and Turtle Town

We had an early morning start as we booked a morning scuba/snorkeling trip. We reported to the Maui Dive Shop at 6:15am! It was still dark and the moon was still out when we left around 5:30am but the sun was already up by the time we reached Maalaea Harbor. We checked in and received our flippers and snorkel gear before heading to the boat, the Maka Koa.

We first headed out to Molokini Crater then to Turtle Town. There were two groups of eight scuba divers and we had four snorkelers. Ron and I didn’t bring cameras this time so instead purchased the on-board photographer’s photos and video. The photographer mostly followed the scuba divers. We (the snorkelers) saw a shark and more turtles than the scuba divers but unfortunately I have no photos. The turtles were amazing though, they are a protected species so we’re not allowed to touch them but they would suddenly surface right near us. They look so cute as you see their huge shell bobbing above water and their heads bobbing up and down. They warn you not to go and give them a hug… but when you see them, you really want to go give them a hug… even though it is a hundred year old reptile.

Here are some highlights of our trip… continue reading for the dolphins!!!

We went with the Maui Dive Shop on the Maka Koa.

This is our group waiting at the “slip”.

Here is an eel… not the type you eat, I don’t think.

Here is Ron, very obvious in his yellow board shorts, giving a shaka.

Here’s the photographer having some fun and writing ALOHA in the sand on a sea cucumber.

There were only hard corals that we could see and the fish weren’t as vibrant as compared to the waters in Philippines.

Here’s Ron with a bunch of other scuba divers.

A sea urchin.

Here is a Moorish Idol, the same fish as “Gill” in the movie “Finding Nemo”.

Here I am returning from our first snorkeling trip. Yes, I use a boogie board for a flotation device as I’m not that strong of a swimmer and in chopping water, it’s my security blanket.

On our way to Turtle Town!

A puffer fish.

Ron on his second dive.

One of the green sea turtles entering a cave of sorts.

Not sure what type of fish this is exactly, a trumpet fish I think.

We also purchased the video from the trip and there’s Ron “performing” for the camera. When I get some time to edit the video, I’ll post it up.

The best surprise of the trip were these dolphins that were riding the wake of the boat. They were leaping right behind us as we were returning to the dock. Beautiful animals.

My hair got so messed up after the salt water.

But not as bad as Ron’s!

We were so exhausted after we returned to the hotel, we slept and didn’t wake up until sunset. The winds helped to clear some of the fog away giving way to yet another beautiful sunset.

We BBQ’d downstairs by the pool, rib eye steaks with garlic onion seasoning, white corn, garlic bread, and Japanese yam.

Here’s the inside of the Japanese yam, it’s light brown on the outside but deep purple on the inside.

Our delicious steak that went well with the bottle of wine we bought yesterday from the Maui Winery.

A wonderful way to end the day, a great meal with the one you love.

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