Winter Cold Day 2

Saturday, February 22, 2014

So poor Iris had a rough night and didn’t sleep well with the stuffed nose and coughing. I ended up holding her to sleep for a few hours then Ron also took her for a few hours so I could sleep more before going to work. Her eyes are all swollen and she wasn’t into eating breakfast.

Simon is still fine though.

I got home from work and Iris got a lot of sleep with Ron carrying her but Simon did not take his after lunch nap. Eventually, in the early evening, Ron got too tired from staying up last night with Iris so he took a nap and Simon followed soon after.

Iris was still in a pretty good mood for being sick. She still wanted to play. Her poor little eyes were swollen and red though. She got warm baths today and the steam seemed to help her breathing.

Simon had been learning to write numbers in Chinese. We have been printing out worksheets for him as “homework”. Looking pretty good so far!

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