Monkeying Around

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Simon had a better drop off at school today. I had him promise that he wouldn’t scream and wouldn’t try to run away when it was time to drop him off. I explained to him it made me anxious and worried about him. So this morning he just cried a little loudly but didn’t scream nor run away. He even took a nap today and ate most of his lunch: dinosaur chicken nuggets, waffle fries, vegetables, honeydew melon, white nectarine, string cheese, low sodium crackers with fruit snacks.


Today they did a craft which I think are birds (that’s what Simon said).


Traffic was terrible in the morning and the evening today and poor guy had to sit in the car for 40 minutes in the morning and 45 minutes in the evening. Not to mention I had an additional 45 minutes in the morning from his school to work and 40 minutes from my work to school. He gets bored in the car and traffic can put me in a poor mood.

Iris definitely makes me smile. I only have time to take pictures of her when I get home before she goes to bed. She is warm and cozy in her monkey footed PJs.

After playing and nursing, she is fast asleep. She nodded off during breastfeeding so didn’t have a chance to let her try falling asleep on her own in her bed.

Each day school seems to get a little better for Simon. Tomorrow I asked him to try not to cry so loudly. It’s okay to be sad and miss mommy and daddy but no need to cry so loudly. So we will see how it goes. But he’s definitely happy to be home and will even smile for photos when I ask him to. Big change from just a few months ago when he refused to take pictures. He still refuses sometimes but at least not every single time.


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