Pho Garden Challenge

Day 176

*nom nom* Simon has learned to grab his toys with both hands so he can bring his toy straight into his mouth.

Simon went with Ron to Chinatown.

Ron tried out Simon’s regular sized stroller without the car seat so that Simon could face forward. He seemed to enjoy it. At least he was relaxed enough to fall asleep.

For dinner this evening, we went to Pho Garden, home of the pho challenge. It was my co-worker’s last day with us so we went to commemorate the day by having a fun dinner out. We were hoping that one of the guys would try the pho challenge but they all wimped out! Well, everyone wanted to get an individual bowl and enjoy their pho, not overstuff themselves… so instead, we got the super pho to share between 3 girls.

It was impressive as it was brought to us.

2 lbs of noodles, 2 lbs of combination beef. The bowl is $25 to share but you don’t get to keep it if you finish it. (The challenge is $22 and you get to keep the bowl if you finish.)

We asked the waitress if we could borrow a bowl for a photo. She said the bowls cost $85! So we were careful not to break it.

I hope next time we go, someone will try the challenge. It was a lot of food and we almost finished… three girls plus Ron had some and Patsy’s husband also had some. Good thing their pho is really tasty.

Pooped after a long day:

Update on poop:
So I think prunes really work. Simon needed a diaper change early this morning. He started fussing and Ron went to check on him and said Simon was stinky. Simon had quietly had a bowel movement sometime in the early morning. Then, he also had another dirty diaper during the day. So his system must be clear now and now we know what to do if he hasn’t pooped for a few days.

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