Steamboat… but no BBQ!

We had our own small group Friday Foodie and suggested to go for steamboat. We thought we’d head to Marina South again like that time for BBQ Steamboat.

When we all got there though it was like a ghost town! We were shocked to see as we were turning the corner to the bowling alley that there was absolutely nothing open! No cars, no people, no buses, no neon signs… no steam! It was rather disappointing.

Thank goodness our taxi driver had an idea of where to go for steamboat and he took us to Beach Rd where there were a few steamboat places but none of them do the Korean BBQ part. We had to search the whole street and finally landed at the place where our taxi driver had dropped us off. The restaurant had an upstairs so could seat all of us.

Spicy and regular soup stock.

Now we’re cookin’!

The selection of food wasn’t as good as Marina South and it was disappointing not to have BBQ but I think we all walked away quite satisfied.

Now we’re in search of a place that does BBQ…

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